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Amusant by Allure

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Amusant by Allure is all about fun!

We set out to create a fun and vivacious wine that would suit celebrations of any size or occasion… and crafted four distinct, delicious flavors of a wine to be enjoyed anytime! After delighting the tongue with their fruit-forward flavors, the palate is further roused by a frenzy of lively bubbles and enticing sweetness.

Enjoy a bubbly, sweet and lively bright pink or white California Moscato, or perhaps indulge in the fruity taste of Bubbly Peach or Bubbly Mango Wine. Whether you’ve got a party with friends planned or an intimate evening for two, any get-together will be enhanced by Allure. These wines’ convivial nature adds festivity and refreshment to any setting.

While refreshing on its own, Allure also shines when sipped alongside a meal. Need something to drink with your after-dinner treat? A glass of festive Allure Pink Moscato could be the perfect refreshment to complete your dessert. Even cocktails gain a bubbly boost when made with any flavor of Allure!

Yes, take our Allure wines lightly! The only serious consideration is how festive the mood becomes when a bottle is opened, no matter what the occasion or setting.

Chill, pop open a bottle, and watch the fun begin!

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