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La Catrina Agave Wine Cocktails

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La Catrina Cocktails are ready-to-drink adult beverage wine cocktail made with 100% imported Blue Agave that is 13.9% Alcohol.  Just add ice and enjoy!  Real Sugar, Real Juice, Real Agave™

By using 100% Organic Blue Agave grown in the sun kissed fields in Jalisco, Mexico, we’ve re-imagined tradition to deliver an exceptionally smooth tasting ready-to drink wine cocktail. Inspired by México City and its cultural traditions, La Catrina gives respect to tradition, then breaks new ground. La Catrina Margaritas are made with 100% imported Blue Agave, real lime juice, real cane sugar & colored with real fruit, and made with wine. We crafted the highest quality Margarita drink made as natural and as real as we could.  

La Catrina honors the 3,000 year old tradition associated with Day of the Dead such as offerings, songs, respect and humor.

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