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The Great American Wine Company
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The Great American Experience with a Twist.

A tribute to the pioneering spirit of America

Great American Wine Company Helix Closure

The Great American Wine Company launches in Helix; glass bottle with a natural cork “twist-off” stopper.


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Addressing consumer’s needs with sustainable innovations; The Great American Wine Company launches in Helix™; glass bottle with a natural cork “twist-off” stopper.

PERRYSBURG, Ohio (March 13, 2019) - Rooted in tradition and the pioneering spirit, Bronco Wine Company’s Great American Wine Company (GAWC) will begin producing their California wines with the revolutionary Helix™ wine bottle and closure system, developed by Amorim and O-I.

Using 100 percent California grown grapes, new-world winemaking techniques and bottled with natural cork, GAWC has been producing quintessential Americana wine since 2012.

“The Helix Packaging concept is brilliant and paired with The Great American Wine Company brand should develop into a powerful program for each of our companies,” said Fred Franzia, CEO founder of Bronco Wine Company.

“Knowing and understanding the importance of tradition, it just makes sense for the Great American Wine Company and Helix to be paired together,” said Mr. Franzia. “Made of natural and sustainable cork, Helix is the most innovative 21st century closure. It addresses our customer’s need for convenience with the resealable, easy to twist-off cork, while preserving the elements synonymous with opening a wine bottle, like the premium feel and ‘pop’ the cork makes.”

As the world leaders in natural cork and glass packaging, Amorim and O-I brought Helix to market in 2013. Helix is a unique package solution combining a natural twist-off cork stopper with a threaded glass bottle, allowing the package to maintain a premium image but offer the convenience of an easy-to-open, re-seal bottle.

“The spirit of the Great American Wine Company aligns fully with the innovation of Helix and beauty and purity of glass packaging. We are proud to partner with two great companies – Bronco and Amorim – on this excellent endeavor,” said Santiago Castrillon, O-I General Manager, Americas North Wine & Spirits Business Unit.

“We are thrilled to be able to partner with Bronco and O-I to supply the US market with the innovative Helix, the only premium wine packaging solution delivering both convenience and sustainability,” adds Pedro Fernandes, GM of Napa-based Amorim Cork America.”

About Great American Wine Company

The Great American Wine Company, by Rosenblum Cellars, is a tribute to the pioneering spirit of America. We proudly use the finest grapes from California vineyards to pay tribute to classic American varietals and winemaking techniques. In tribute to our American heroes, we donate to U.S. military charities to support our troops and veterans each year.

Rosenblum Cellars is owned by the fifth largest winery in the U.S., Bronco Wine Company. Founded in 1973 by Fred T., Joseph S. and John Franzia, Bronco Wine Company is a family-owned winery committed to growing, producing and selling the finest quality wines of the highest value to our customers. Bronco Wine Company’s diverse family of brands is sold in over 90 countries worldwide in addition to being distributed throughout the United States. Bronco Wine Company has become a major vintage varietal wine source to the California wine industry and is the largest vineyard owner in the United States. Our quest for quality begins with vineyard development and continues to grow into areas such as brand marketing and national distribution, brand development, research and development and premium bulk wine contracts. Bronco Wine Company is vertically integrated, from the vineyard to the table, focused on crafting wines for the American table.

About O-I

At Owens-Illinois, Inc. (NYSE: OI), we love glass and we’re proud to make more of it than any other glass bottle or jar producer in the world. We love that it’s beautiful, pure and completely recyclable. With global headquarters in Perrysburg, Ohio, we are the preferred partner for many of the world's leading food and beverage brands. Working hand and hand with our customers, we give our passion and expertise to make their bottles iconic and help build their brands around the world. With more than 26,500 people at 77 plants in 23 countries, O-I has a global impact, achieving revenues of $6.9 billion in 2018. For more information, visit

About Amorim

Amorim is the largest producer and supplier of cork stoppers worldwide and is trusted by over 25000 wine producers in the world. The group’s undisputed leadership is based on over 150 years of experience, at the forefront of innovation, with pioneering products such as the revolutionary Helix® wine packaging system and the screening technology Ndtech, which offers the world’s first natural cork with a non-detectable TCA guarantee*. Vertically integrated from forest to bottle, we produce over 5.1 billion natural cork stoppers.